Claire Chase: Ravaged Breathless Joy DENSITY

Impressions from Row G
by Arlene and Larry Dunn (

[with admiration and apologies to Laura Mullen and thereby to Octavio Paz]

claire 1.jpg

Two-thousand-thirteen twenty-nine September's twenty-six shiny metal tubes relentless Chase Claire shining Constellation star. Seventy-five undaunted quest minutes tornado of notes blown from deep inside on brain on paper on tape. Hundreds awe in silent stunned anticipate bottomless air dance sinewy muscles never touch down.

Vermont opposes Vermont eleven flutes wide Reich forest flitting birds of many feathers. Winding piccolo wrapping flute overlapping alto textured sound fabric rhythmic dancing air puzzle until heavy breathing noteless flute.

Plaintive Pessoa Balter fullthroated bass flutes six times deep breathy beckoning over impossible chasm. Foreboding ears’ eerie airy aerie ghosts as high as bass may go echo swirling layers on tape, tapping out “Where are you?”

Pure sound Lucier waves oscillate fourteen-hundred-forty nearly New Yorkian seconds full family five flutes synchronize sine waves up down roller coaster mesmerizing deep drone bone shaking ear-piercing peal intoxication.

Square dance Glass double flutes inside outside once around paper trail. Nonstop no stops overlapping journey fugue destination unknown.

Diabolic Diaz de León swirls manic machine flute fancy flights over synthetic textures trudging heavy-footed monsters. Robotic motion solo slides organic duet every human muscle investment in epic future battle flute vanquishes machines.

Heavy Varèse Density twenty-one-point-five grams dazzle channeling Doriot Anthony Dwyer mournful modal cry and crackle Barrrère’s spirit. Chaos lip-popping challenge freedom surge yields. Soaring sweeps swoon ensuing wild abandon. Density final reward platinum exhausted air.

[Images courtesy of Marc Perlish Photography]