The International Contemporary Ensemble encourages young people to realize unlimited creative potential by engaging them in the music of our time, through compositional experimentation, improvisation, side-by-side performances with Ensemble musicians, and the commissioning of new work. 

The Ensemble’s commitment to education is rooted in personal engagement with its audiences. The International Contemporary Ensemble community follows the Ensemble’s members as musical individuals, leaders, and teachers, and student groups respond to the Ensemble in the same way. Like the group’s artist-led structural model, the Ensemble’s education programs are process-based and collectivist in spirit; students and Ensemble musicians alike are active in the making of a performance. Long-term residencies with classroom groups afford opportunities for meaningful collaboration with the Ensemble teaching artists.


Introduced in 2015, EntICE unites leading composers with youth ensembles in new works to be performed side-by-side with the International Contemporary Ensemble. Ensemble musicians take young people -- and their schools, families and communities -- through the entire collaborative process of bringing premiere pieces to life. As an “enticing” first taste of new music, students have the privilege of being essential to the pieces’ creation, and receive a major stage to present their work.  Inaugural Partners include Youth Orchestra Los Angeles, People’s Music School Youth Orchestra (Chicago), Ojai Music Festival, and Ear Taxi Festival.

The Ensemble’s other workshops include The Listening Room, in which graphic score composition stimulates ideas about creating and interpreting music; sessions of structured group improvisation; and community concerts that introduce schools to the personalities and instruments of the Ensemble. 


For questions about bringing Ensemble teaching artists to your school, community center, performance venue, or music program, contact ICE at