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December 29, 2018, The Log Journal, Best of 2018 / Noteworthy Recordings / Steve Smith

December 24, 2018, Sequenza 21, Best Composer Portrait CDs of 2018

December 5, 2018, Sequenza 21, Best Violin Concerto CD of 2018

December 18, 2018,, The Best Classical Albums of 2018

December 18, 2018, The Wall Street Journal, Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s Aequa reviewed

December 13, 2018, The New York Times, The Best Classical Tracks of 2018

December 6, 2018, The New Yorker (Alex Ross), Notable Classical Performances and Recordings of 2018

October 15, 2018, The New York Times, A ‘Lost Highway’ Suite Refracts David Lynch

September 17, 2018, The New Yorker, In Plain Air Preview

September 14, 2018, The New York Times, Resonant Bodies Festival Gives Voices Room to Breathe

September 12, 2018, The New York Times, Classical Fall Preview: Debuts, Premieres, a New Philharmonic Maestro

September 5, 2018, Time Out New York, Your Guide to Classical Music This Fall in NYC

August 31, 2018, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly Fringe 2018: The 25 Must-See Productions

August 27, 2018, The New Yorker, Fall Classical Music Preview

August 21, 2018, I Care If You Listen, Jubilant Performances by ICE and Friends at Mostly Mozart’s Grand Pianola Music

May 17, 2018, The New Yorker, Wang Lu: Urban Inventory

May 3, 2018, San Francisco Chronicle, CD Review: Steve Reich: Pulse/Quartet

April 23, 2018, Chicago Classical Review, Contempo Marks Earth Day with Bracing “Nature” Program

April 16, 2018, The Wall Street Journal, An Opera Festival's Local Focus

March 26, 2018, Rolling Stone, The Best 10 Things We Saw at Big Ears

March 2, 2018, The New York Times, Sonic Misdirection

February 23, 2018, The New Yorker, A Dynamic Flutist Makes Art and Community

February 15, 2018, The Guardian, Reich: Pulse/Quartet CD Review – Pitch Perfect Performances

February 4, 2018, The New York Times, That Decisive Moment: Serenely Unpredictable

January 25, 2018, The New York Times, A Whispered Opera Requests Your Close-Up Attention

January 18, 2018, The Rest is Noise blog, Alex Ross's Nightafternight playlist

January 17, 2018, The New York Observer, Prototype Festival Showcases the Operas that Major Companies Should Be Showing

January 16, 2018, Time Out New York, The whisper opera is the latest immersive music experience to hit NYC

January 15, 2018, The New York Times, Without Singing, the Moth Hits the High Notes in "The Echo Drift"

December 14, 2017, I Care If You Listen, Stunning Posthumous Pauline Oliveros Opera at Roulette

November 24, 2017, The New York Times, An Unfinished "Phantom Opera" is Completed With Love

October 23, 2017, The New Yorker, Infrasound Opera

October 10, 2017, The New York Times, The Force of Things: an Indirectly Audible Opera

August 17, 2017, The New Yorker, The Expansive Possibilities of Schubert’s “Winterreise”

August 15, 2017, The New York Times, A Funky Rethinking of Schubert’s Winter Journey

June 23, 2017, The New York Times, A 20th-Century Sequel to ‘Barber of Seville’ and ‘Figaro’

June 12, 2017, Los Angeles Times, Transcending genre labels, Vijay Iyer leads the Ojai Music Festival toward bold new territory

May 15, 2017, The New York Times, Brooklyn Youth Chorus Explores Issues Facing Its Members

May 3, 2017, Houstonia Magazine, Vijay Iyer Performs Live to a Screening of Radhe Radhe: Rites of Holi

April 26, 2017, The New York Times, Listen to Claire Chase, the Flutist Who Just Won $100,000

March 31, 2017, The National, UAE Edition, The Cacophony and Color of Holi Artfully Rendered

February 6, 2017, WNYC's Soundcheck, Remembering Pauline Oliveros at the Park Avenue Armory

January 25, 2017, San Francisco Classical Voice, The International Contemporary Ensemble Goes Multilingual

January 9, 2017, The New York Times, ‘Anatomy Theater,’ an Opera, Puts Convicts Under the Knife

January 9, 2017, Parterre Box, that is the explanation of the crime

January 7, 2017, CBS This Morning, Orchestras experiment with innovative ways to reach audiences

November 21, 2016, San Francisco Classical Voice, Letter From Chicago: The City Is Second to None for New Music

November 4, 2016, The New York Times, Just Why Does New Music Need Champions?

November 2, 2016, The Guardian, Steve Reich's 80th birthday celebration

November 2, 2016, New York Classical Review, “Pulse” premiere shines brightly at Steve Reich’s Carnegie birthday bash

October 31, 2016, The Wall Street Journal, Steve Reich, at 80, Keeps Up the Rhythm

October 27, 2016, Cleveland Classical, Vijay Iyer & International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) at CMA

October 22, 2016, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Int'l Contemporary Ensemble re-imagines Stravinsky's 'Rite' with Indian film

October 17, 2016, The New York Times, ICE’s Founder, Claire Chase, Will Relinquish Leadership Role

October 15, 2016, Cleveland Classical, Cleveland Museum of Art to present Vijay Iyer & ICE in "Radhe Radhe: Rites of Holy"

October 8, 2016, Chicago Tribune, Ear Taxi fest features heartwarming works

August 25, 2016, Musical America, A Night of Musical Premieres at Mostly (ICE and Somewhat) MozartMusical America

August 24, 2016, The New York Times, New Music Inspired by Christ’s Agony and Dating Apps

August 24, 2016, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly group The Crossing wows at New York's Mostly Mozart Festival

August 22, 2016, The New York Times, Reimagining Josephine Baker’s Music in the Era of Black Lives Matte

August 21, 2016, WQXR New York, "Stupid Musician Tricks" with ICE and NYPL

June 27, 2016, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Crossing: 'Just when you think you've heard everything...' 

June 16, 2016, The New York Times, At Ojai, Peter Sellars Has a Personal Yet Global Playlist

June 16, 2016, San Francisco Chronicle, Ojai festival’s women come north to Berkeley

June 14, 2016, LA Times, Worlds meet and worlds beyond at Ojai Music Festival

June 10, 2016, The New York Times, Women Rule at Ojai Festival, Unannounced

March 23, 2016, New York Magazine, "De Materie": Zeppelins, Confusion, and the ’80s Avant-Garde at the Armory

March 23, 2016, The New York Times, "De Materie," Of Mind, Matter, and Sheep

January 28, 2016, The New York Times, Chains Clink, Water Splashes: A Composer's Beautiful Noise

November 18, 2015, The New York Times, A Pierre Boulez Tribute, Eight Months Late

October 11, 2015, The New York Times, John Luther Adams, Lauded and Played at Columbia

September 16, 2015, The New York Times, ICE Features Levy Lorenzo on Teacups and Rebekah Heller on Bassoon

August 19, 2015, The New York Times, George Benjamin, at Mostly Mozart, Shows Depth as a Conductor

June 30, 2015, The New Yorker, Outsiders: The Ojai Music Festival

May 28, 2015, The New York Times, International Contemporary Ensemble Weaves Among Tonalities

May 24, 2015, The New York Times, 'Afterward, the AACM (as) Opera' Lends a Voice to Stories of Black History

May 20, 2015, The New York Times, International Contemporary Ensemble and Others Play in Brooklyn

April 20, 2015, Boston Globe, Fromm concerts tinge with Latin

March 14, 2015, New York Classical Review, ICE celebrates Davidovsky’s birthday with past masterworks and a world premiere

February 27, 2015, Toronto Star, The Whisper Opera screams originality

February 10, 2015, Volkskrant, Fluisteropera van David Lang is magische, intieme ervaring

December 12, 2014, The New Yorker, Notable Performances and Recordings of 2014

December 11, 2014, The New York Times, The Funniest Classical Music Performances of 2014

December 11, 2014, The San Diego Union-Tribune, Steiger's ‘Coalescence’ gets local premiere

November 9, 2014, ArtsNash, Music Review: Vijay Iyer, vamping in Technicolor in the Land of Oz

October 24, 2014, The New York Times, Suggestions of Secrets Beyond the Chaos

October 14, 2014, Chicago Tribune, ICE heats up Chicago's new music scene, at a Bucktown bar

September 22, 2014, New York ArtsMostly Mozart, Hold the Mozart

August 22, 2014, The New York Times, A Concert Where a Shellfish Helps With the Sound

April 28, 2014, The New Yorker, Singing in Tongues: Two song cycles by Liza Lim

April 28, 2014, Bachtrack, Sweet Thunder Festival, Day Two: International Contemporary Ensemble

April 25, 2014, SFGate, Sweet Thunder review: intriguing electro-acoustic music

April 23, 2014, The New York Times, NY Times Arts Beat Classical Playlist: Carter, Rand Steiger, Mozart and More

April 20, 2014, The New York Times, Meshing Talents for a Dense and Strenuous Sound: Oscar Bianchi's 'Matra' Debuts at the MATA Festival

April 17, 2014, The New York Times, Global Sounds, Woven Together: MATA Festival Returns, With Spotlight on Helsinki

April 9, 2014, The Wall Street Journal, Australian Composer Finds Her Marbles: Liza Lim Creates Unconventional Sounds in 'Mother Tongue'

April 8, 2014, Los Angeles Times, Green Umbrella: Photos from the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Minimalist Jukebox Festival

April 7, 2014, The Washington Post, International Contemporary Ensemble vividly showcases distinct styles of Lara and Balter

March 26, 2014, The New York Times, A Bit of Beethoven in a Mix of Modern: Piano by Jacob Greenberg and Reinier van Haudt at Spectrum

March 17, 2014, Chicago Reader, International Contemporary Ensemble with Alvin Lucier

March 12, 2014, The New York Times, In Performance Video: Claire Chase

February 19, 2014, The New York Times, Classical Playlist: Jenny Lin, Joshua Rubin, David Aladashvili and More

January 13, 2014, Chicago Classical Review, ICE downsizes with intriguing music for oboe and piano, past and present

January 1, 2014, Chicago Reader, 12 O'Clock Track: Phyllis Chen transcends the toyness of her instruments on "The Little Things"