Staff & Artists


Rebecca Sigel, Executive Director
Ross Karre, co-Artistic Director and Director of*
Rebekah Heller, co-Artistic Director*
Bridgid Bergin, Development Associate
Karla Brom, General Manager
Isabel Frye, Production and Communications Assistant
Jacob Greenberg, Director of Recordings and Digital Outreach*
Jamie Leidwinger, Executive Assistant
Maciej Lewandowski, Director of Production
Levy Lorenzo, Engineer and Technical Director*
Ryan Muncy, Director of Institutional Giving and co-Director, OpenICE*
Joshua Rubin, Program Director of LUIGI*
Claire Chase, Founder*

* Ensemble musician


Alice Teyssier, flute and voice
Bridget Kibbey, harp
Campbell MacDonald, clarinet
Claire Chase, flute
Cory Smythe, piano
Dan Peck, tuba
Daniel Lippel, guitar
David Bowlin, violin
David Byrd-Marrow, horn
Gareth Flowers, trumpet
Isabel Lepanto Gleicher, flute
Jacob Greenberg, piano
James Austin Smith, oboe
Jennifer Curtis, violin
Josh Modney, violin and viola
Joshua Rubin, clarinet
Katinka Kleijn, cello
Kivie Cahn-Lipman, cello
Kyle Armbrust, viola
Levy Lorenzo, percussion
Maiya Papach, viola
Michael Nicolas, cello
Mike Lormand, trombone
Nathan Davis, percussion
Nicholas Houfek, lighting designer
Nicholas Masterson, oboe
Nuiko Wadden, harp
Peter Evans, trumpet
Peter Tantsits, tenor
Phyllis Chen, piano
Randall Zigler, bass
Rebekah Heller, bassoon
Ross Karre, percussion
Ryan Muncy, saxophone
Steven Schick, Artist-in-Residence
Tony Arnold, soprano
Wendy Richman, viola